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Murals & Paintings

Christopher Moran, owner of Moran's Art Studio Inc. has studied and restored paintings in Florence, Italy with the renown conservation artist Roberta Lapucci. While there, I obtained the knowledge and techniques to completely restore a painting. I worked on many painting restorations in Italy that ranged from the 1400's to the 1800's.

Moran's Art Studio Inc. has created original paintings and murals as well as accurate depictions of the old masters for clients throughout the United States.

Each work is specialized for churches, public buildings or private individuals. Original murals of any size can be painted on-site or for cost savings, in the studio.

Portable murals allow you to make site changes without any loss should a wall or ceiling become damaged. There is the flexibility for future remodeling projects to relocate or resell the mural.

Pricing is dependent on size, number of figures, the use of gold leaf and framing. Please call for free estimates 231 564-2890.

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Moran's Art Studio, Inc.

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