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The renovation project at St. Mary Parish in Westphalia has been one of not only physical change but spiritual growth with in our community. In our first phase of planning our committee researched a number of renovation specialist in Church design and grew increasingly frustrated with their lack of attention paid to our needs and fiscal requests... Read more
Jill M. Rademacher
St Mary's Renovation Committee Chairperson

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Lamb of God
This 3' X 6' original mural was painted for St. John's Church in Albion, Michigan. As you view this image you will notice light coming from outside the painting in the shape of a cross over the baby Jesus. Next to his hands and foot are modern nails. These symbols represent the sacrifice of our blessed Jesus and its meaning for today and all time. The sleeping lamb represents the peace Christ brings to all of us, and the other lamb shows His loving personal relationship with each one of us. The sheep represents curiosity in the new doctrine of love that Christ brought to the world. My intention as the artist was to show the fragile, sinless baby Jesus surrounded by hints of His future sacrifice for us on the cross and His resurrection- Christmas and Easter combined.
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