Moran's Art Studio, Inc.
As always I am very pleased with your work. That applies as well for the many projects which you have done in several parishes of the Kalamazoo Diocese over the past several years. I appreciate not only your highly skilled artistry but also your scnsitivity to many people's difficulty in accepting any change especially in their churches. Your sensitivity and tactfulness have made it easier for pastors and parishioners to appreciate the finished project. Keep up your excellent work.
Most Reverend
James A. Murry

Bishop Emeritus of Kalamazoo

Statues & Sculptures

Original designs or duplicates of the old masters can be created in marble, wood , clay and molded to be cast in bronze. resins or plaster. Existing statues can have a mold made of them for casting.

I have or can obtain many existing statues of religious figures, scenes, altars, or pedestals. These can be done in various sizes and made of different material for interior or exterior use.

They can be painted in a faux finish or realistic. All of our statues have a protective top coat applied over the finish. UV and weather protection products are applied to any exterior statues. Prices are dependent on size, material and finish desired. Click on products and sales below for some of the products available contact us for other inquires.


I can restore sculpture, altars, art pieces and statues made of marble, bronze, plaster, fiberglass, resins and cement. In most cases I can restore them back to their original state and in some cases, better than new condition.


Owner christopher Moran pictured applying the finial touches to a statue of St. Francis.

With my knowledge and talent for restoration, I have restored to original condition more than two thousand statues, altars, paintings, and art pieces for churches through out the United States and Italy. In addition to restorations, my associates and I have created many original paintings, murals, sculptures and reproduced replications of the old masters' works.

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