Moran's Art Studio, Inc.
The renovation project at St. Mary Parish in Westphalia has been one of not only physical change but spiritual growth with in our community. In our first phase of planning our committee researched a number of renovation specialist in Church design and grew increasingly frustrated with their lack of attention paid to our needs and fiscal requests... Read more
Jill M. Rademacher
St Mary's Renovation Committee Chairperson


I have many years experience providing consultation to church leaders in all phases of church renovations. I work closely with church leaders, committees or board members to create the visions they have for their renovation project. I have designed, directed and renovated large and small scale interior conservation projects. My expertise in complete renovations gives me the knowledge of what techniques and design that would best be suited to create the atmosphere you envision. The use of color, texture, art work and faux finishes are just some of the elements I combine to produce a variety of environments. Though it is important to have excellent design and techniques it is most important to edify and enhance the worship experience. Before starting any interior renovation project I will also need to know the physical condition of your churches interior. Once I have the necessary information I will be able to explain the steps that it will take to completely renovate your interior and the cost associated to the project.


Mr. Moran viewing a damaged area of a church interior before renovation.

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